Yoga Towels Changed My Life

Yoga Towels Changed My Life

Yoga travel towels changed my life. I’m not joking. A yoga towel is a sheet of microfiber that is used to drape over your yoga mat.

From the first moment I started using a yoga towel, my yoga practice was changed for the better. I no longer stressed over slipping in postures and I was able to focus on the important stuff: alignment, breath, and remaining centered. Yoga towels improved my practice so much that I refuse to practice yoga without one. This simple blessing in disguise is considered a must-have prop that will vastly enhance your yoga practice.

Prevent Slippage

The yoga travel towel aids me the most by preventing against slippage. My hands and feet tend to get sweaty, especially during a vigorous vinyasa class. I would come into a downdog and immediately struggle, having to draw my hands towards my feet so they don’t fly out in front of me. Ouch, faceplant. This muscle action is counter-productive against the goals of the posture. In downdog, we’re supposed to be pushing our hands away from our bodies to elongate the spine.

When I purchased a yoga travel towel, everything changed. The towels grip allowed me to focus instead on alignment. Everyone always said to me that “downdog is a resting pose” and I finally knew what they were talking about.


Yoga travel towels serve to provide an extra layer of cushion to add to your mat. If you’re knees get sore in kneeling-lunges then a yoga towel will certainly feel more comfortable. I find that the extra cushioning adds a level of comfort to any Hatha yoga pose, whether it be to protect your skull in a headstand, or just to feel supportive under your feet in mountain.


A good yoga towel also serves as a hygienic absorbent towel for sweaty sessions of hot yoga, such as Bikrams. The nice is that they can be cleaned in a washing machine, unlike your mat, making it more convenient. Yoga mats are made of materials that deteriorate from contact with sweat. A yoga towel acts as a protective covering.


Yoga travel towels are also a travel-friendly alternative to a bulky yoga mat. It can be folded up nicely and fit just about anywhere. I travel a lot and a yoga mat is simply too awkward and inconvenient to lug around. A yoga travel towel folds up nicely and the weight is unnoticeable.

If you don’t already have a yoga travel towel, get one now, you won’t be sorry.

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